Behind the Puzzle: Wood versus Chipboard

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Today, we dive into the fascinating world of jigsaw puzzle materials. Whether you’re just starting your puzzle adventure or a seasoned pro, one thing’s certain – picking the right puzzle material can be a game-changer in your quest for puzzling glory. In this article, we’re about to explore two puzzle materials: chipboard and wood. We’ll tell you all about their ups and downs so you can make the perfect choice for your puzzling escapades.

Let’s Get to Know Our Puzzle Stars: Chipboard and Wood

Before we zoom into the nitty-gritty, let’s meet the stars of the puzzle world: Chipboard and Wood! Chipboard puzzles are made from super-tough material with lots of compressed paper fibers. Why? Because they’re affordable and can take a beating! Unlike cardboard, chipboard does not contain hollow voids. It is an outstanding substrate for puzzles and comes in various thicknesses. In simple terms, chipboard is super thick paper.

On the flip side, we’ve got Wood puzzles – these elegant ones are made from fancy, sustainably sourced wood. They’re like the James Bond of puzzles, all classy and sophisticated. They are extremely rigid and are significantly more expensive than their chipboard counterparts.

Now that we’ve made pals with our puzzle materials let’s check out the cool and not-so-cool things about chipboard and wood jigsaw puzzles.

The Pros and Cons of Chipboard Puzzles

Chipboard puzzles have their own awesome points and not-so-awesome points. One of their big pros is that they’re budget-friendly. If you’re the kind of puzzler who doesn’t want to break the bank, chipboard is your hero. They’re lightweight and easy to handle, making them great for kids and beginners. They are also an industry standard, so most puzzles will have a chipboard backing.

But, wait for it; chipboard puzzles aren’t as tough as wood puzzles. They can be a bit floppy-woppy (yes, we think that is a word) over time, so you’ve got to be gentle with them. And sometimes, the pictures on chipboard puzzles may not be as sharp and clear as wood puzzles. This is why companies like Springbok use a thicker chipboard and focus so much on the image printing process and materials. So, if you’re all about the crystal-clear images, keep reading.

wood jigsaw puzzle
Hands of carpenter checking wooden jigsaw puzzle he created for customer

The Pros and Cons of Wood Puzzles

Wood puzzles are like the puzzle kings and queens. They’re fancy, they’re strong, and they’re built to last. Wood puzzles can handle a good puzzle party without getting all wobbly. Plus, the images on wood puzzles are like supermodels on a runway – sharp, vibrant, and ready to dazzle your eyes.

But hold onto your puzzler’s hat because wood puzzles aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. They’re a bit pricier than chipboard puzzles, so they’re not your go-to if you’re on a budget. And guess what? Wood puzzles can be heavier and bulkier, like a bodybuilder in a library. So, if you’re a little kiddo or someone with less muscle power, you might want to consider something a tad lighter.

Here Comes the Puzzle-Choosing Part

Now that we know the scoop about chipboard and wood puzzles let’s decide which one’s your puzzle soulmate. If you’re about keeping it easy on the wallet and want a puzzle as light as a feather, chipboard is calling your name. They come with some snazzy images and are perfect for rookies and kids and you can find them everywhere.

But if you’re after a puzzle that can stand the test of time and doesn’t compromise on image quality, wood puzzles are your true love. They might cost a bit more, but they’re worth every penny if you’re a puzzle maestro in the making.

Springbok to the Rescue!

If you’re Team Chipboard, Springbok’s got your back! They’ve got a whole bunch of chipboard jigsaw puzzles that’ll tickle your fancy. With designs from cute animals to stunning landscapes, there’s a Springbok puzzle for everyone. They’re built to last, so get ready for hours of puzzling bliss!

And if you’re all about Team Wood, Springbok’s got you covered, too! Their wood puzzles are like works of art. Made from eco-friendly wood and sporting jaw-dropping images, they’re the crème de la crème of puzzles. Dive into the world of wood puzzles and make every piece count.

Top Tips to Keep Your Puzzles Pristine

Once you’ve chosen your puzzle material and conquered a puzzle, you’ve got to know how to keep it in tip-top shape. Here are some pro tips to keep your puzzles looking spiffy:

  • Puzzle Mat Magic: Get yourself a puzzle mat. It’s like a cozy bed for your puzzle pieces, saving them from getting lost or squished.
  • Handle with Care: Be a gentle puzzle whisperer. Treat those pieces like treasures to avoid bending or warping, whether it’s chipboard or wood.
  • Clean Like a Pro: If your puzzle gets dusty, use a soft or slightly damp cloth to give it a quick clean. Avoid heavy-duty cleaners or drowning your puzzle – they won’t like it.
  • Show Off Your Masterpiece: Once you’ve completed a puzzle, frame it or use puzzle glue to keep it as a piece of art.

The Grand Finale

Choosing the right puzzle material can level up your puzzle game. Chipboard puzzles are your champs if you’re all about staying budget-friendly and lightweight. You will also find a broader selection of puzzles with chipboard backing, which has been the industry standard for decades. But if you want to invest in a puzzle that’ll last, shine like a star, and won’t hold back on image quality, wood puzzles are your VIP ticket to puzzle paradise. Consider your budget, your puzzler’s soul, and your needs, and pick the puzzle material that’s the bee’s knees.

No matter which side you pick, Springbok’s got a stash of chipboard and wood puzzles to satisfy your puzzling cravings. Get ready to dive into the puzzle world, and let the good times roll. Happy puzzling!

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