Creative Ways to Showcase Jigsaw Puzzles

puzzle on wall

Completing a jigsaw puzzle is fulfilling, representing hours of patience, focus, and determination. For puzzle enthusiasts, finding innovative ways to display their completed masterpieces can be just as enjoyable as the puzzling process itself. Below are some creative methods to showcase completed jigsaw puzzles, turning them into unique home decor pieces.


One of the most common methods of displaying a completed puzzle is framing it. Framing not only protects the puzzle but also offers a traditional and elegant look. Custom frames can be created to fit the exact dimensions of the puzzle, and matting can be added for an extra touch of sophistication.

Mod Podge and Canvas

Applying Mod Podge to the puzzle’s surface will seal and preserve it. Once the Mod Podge has dried, the puzzle can be mounted on a canvas. This method gives a modern look and is especially effective for puzzles with artistic or intricate designs. The canvas can be hung like any other piece of art, adding a personalized touch to your living space. There are dedicated puzzle glues that work in a similar fashion to hold the pieces together.

Decoupage on Furniture

For those looking to integrate puzzles into their home in a more functional way, decoupage on furniture is an excellent option. Applying completed puzzles to tabletops, drawer fronts, or cabinet doors can create distinctive, personalized furniture pieces. With a coat of clear sealant, the puzzle becomes a durable, conversation-starting element of your interior design.

Create a Puzzle Wall

Dedicate a specific wall in your home to display a variety of completed puzzles. By placing puzzles of different sizes, shapes, and themes together, you can create a visually captivating puzzle collage. This display method allows for ongoing additions, making the puzzle wall a dynamic, ever-evolving piece of art.

Use as a Table Topper

Transform your completed puzzle into a unique tabletop by placing it under a piece of custom-cut glass or acrylic. This method protects the puzzle while allowing it to serve as a functional and decorative surface on coffee tables, dining tables, or desks.

Lightbox Display

Incorporate lighting to truly make your puzzle shine. Mount the completed puzzle within a lightbox to backlight the image, highlighting the intricate details and colors. A lightbox display can turn a simple puzzle into a luminous, eye-catching focal point in any room.

Customized Coasters

For smaller puzzles, consider turning them into customized coasters. Seal the puzzle pieces, attach them to cork or another base, and you have a functional and personalized set of coasters that reflect your interests and achievements.

Interactive Display Shelf

Create a display shelf with a twist by leaving some puzzle pieces detached. Allow your guests to interact with the display by fitting the missing pieces. This interactive element adds a playful and engaging aspect to your puzzle showcase.

Puzzle Quilt

For fabric puzzles or puzzles with textile-like designs, consider transforming them into a puzzle quilt. This cozy display method is not only visually appealing but also functional, adding warmth and a personal touch to your home.


Displaying completed jigsaw puzzles doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of effort, your accomplished puzzles can be turned into marvelous decorative pieces, allowing you to relive the joy of puzzling and share it with others. Whether framed, mounted, or integrated into furniture, the options are as diverse and intricate as the puzzles themselves.

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