How to Store Your Jigsaw Puzzles Safely

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Jigsaw puzzles have long been a favorite pastime for both children and adults. Whether you’re piecing together intricate images or working on kids’ puzzles with simpler designs, the sense of achievement upon completion is unparalleled. But what happens after? Ensuring you store jigsaw puzzles safely is crucial for maintaining their quality and ensuring they can be enjoyed time and again. In this article, we look into the optimal ways to pack up your puzzle and guarantee its longevity.

Before Storing

Before you pack up your puzzle, ensure all puzzle pieces are accounted for. It can be incredibly frustrating to revisit a puzzle only to discover missing pieces. This step is especially essential for kids’ puzzles, as children sometimes misplace pieces. Simply look under the table you were working on and the surrounding area before putting the lid on your puzzle box.

Before you put your puzzle away, you may also want to consider giving it a quick wipe-down. With the rigors of table space usage, it’s easy for your puzzle pieces to accumulate dust or debris. Gently clean them using a soft brush, ensuring they’re in pristine condition before storage.

You may also want to consider sorting your puzzle before you put it away. Some puzzle enthusiasts like to sort their pieces for easier assembly next time. You can sort by edge pieces, interior pieces, or even by color or theme. This is especially handy for puzzles with over a thousand pieces.

Storing Completed Puzzles

Once a jigsaw puzzle is successfully pieced together, the sense of achievement is undeniable, and the desire to preserve that accomplishment arises. One of the tried-and-true methods to ensure its intactness is by using a puzzle conserver. These adhesive products are crafted explicitly for puzzles, solidifying the pieces together and ensuring they remain in one impressive image.

Another innovative solution to retain and even continue your progress is the puzzle mat. These mats have become a go-to for many enthusiasts. They provide an alternative surface that saves table space and a means of safe storage. With the puzzle on the mat, you can effortlessly roll it up when needed, ensuring your work remains undisturbed.

For those who see their completed puzzle not just as a pastime but as a piece of art, framing is a wonderful avenue. It’s an elegant way to display your puzzle, showcasing the dedication and time invested in its completion. It stands as both a decorative piece in one’s living space and a testament to the puzzle’s journey from scattered pieces to a cohesive masterpiece.

Lastly, puzzle preserver sheets are a worthy investment for added protection or even for those considering framing. When placed over the completed puzzle, these adhesive sheets act as a protective shield. They can be custom-trimmed to fit, offering an extra protective layer, especially if the puzzle is to be framed or displayed.

Storing Dismantled Puzzles

A straightforward and effective solution lies in using Ziploc bags when storing dismantled puzzles. These bags are invaluable for those who prefer sorting their pieces, whether by edges and interiors or by distinct colors. It’s a particularly handy method, ensuring that the preliminary sorting has already been done when you decide to revisit the puzzle.

Yet, sometimes, the best storage solution is the one that originally housed the puzzle: its box. The box is specifically designed to comfortably fit all the pieces, and it typically boasts an image of the completed puzzle on its lid. This image is a convenient reference, especially when you’re ready to dive back into the challenge.

In instances where the original box may not suffice or if you’re looking for a more transparent storage method, plastic containers, especially photo boxes, become a fitting choice. Their clear nature allows for easy identification of the puzzle inside, ensuring you don’t have to rummage through multiple containers to find the one you want.

Regardless of the chosen storage method, there’s an underlying principle that shouldn’t be overlooked: labeling. For avid puzzlers juggling multiple sets, labeling each storage unit clearly is crucial. This ensures that pieces from different puzzles don’t inadvertently mix up, preserving the integrity of each unique jigsaw challenge.

Long-Term Storage Tips

For those who cherish their jigsaw puzzles and wish to retain them for extended periods, considering the environment of their storage is paramount.

Let Your Puzzle Chill

It’s vital to place your puzzles in areas that are cool and dry. Excessive heat and humidity can cause puzzle pieces to warp, lose their shape, or even stick together, leading to potential damage that might render them unusable.

No Fun in the Sun

While the environment is one concern, direct sunlight poses another significant threat. The vibrant and detailed imagery on puzzle pieces can easily fade when subjected to prolonged exposure to UV rays. This affects the aesthetic appeal of the puzzle and can make future assembly more challenging due to faded reference points. Hence, it’s advisable to choose storage spots shielded from direct sunlight.

Avoid the Stack Attack

Lastly, while it might be tempting to stack multiple puzzle boxes together, especially when space is a constraint, caution is necessary. Overstacking can exert undue pressure on the boxes at the bottom, leading to potential damage. It’s crucial to ensure that the boxes or containers are sturdy and capable of bearing the weight of those placed atop them. Gentle stacking, with the heaviest or most robust boxes at the bottom, can help preserve the integrity of the boxes and the puzzles within.

Every Piece Matters

Every piece matters in the intricate world of jigsaw puzzles, just as every step taken to preserve those pieces is crucial. As with any treasured possession, care in its maintenance and storage not only prolongs its life but also enhances the experience of revisiting it. Whether it’s a puzzle that took hours or one that’s been passed down generations, safeguarding it ensures that the joy, challenge, and memories it holds remain intact. So, as you place that final piece, remember that the journey doesn’t end there. Proper storage is the next step in honoring the art and craft of jigsaw puzzles.

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